The Design Process

At Marcus Barnett Landscape and Garden Design we follow a unique design process.

7 July 2010

The process of a landscape project may take a variety of routes. The following steps serve as guide:


An on-site meeting and discussion with the client provides greater detail of the site and proposed project. A written brief summarises the meeting and forms the basis for further discussion.


A full topographical survey is recommended and is carried out by professional surveyors. This is used in conjunction with our own site analysis and information gathering.

Master Plan

Following the on-site meeting, discussion, survey and site analysis we draft an initial concept design for review. This is presented in a variety of formats and usually includes scaled and rendered plans, computer models and sketches where appropriate.


An approved design serves as the basis for tender. We prepare a series of detailed documents, construction drawings, plans and images so potential contractors can submit a budget for assessment. We review the tenders with the client and assist in the selection of a contractor.


Once construction commences, we oversee project implementation. We attend and arrange regular meetings with all landscape related elements ensuring that the design is built to the highest standard. Construction may be phased if necessary.


Planting can also be a phased operation and is predominantly done in the autumn, winter and spring months for the United Kingdom. When planting is complete, we return regularly to the site to ensure all plants have taken correctly.


We provide our clients with maintenance schedules and advice following project completion. We can recommend skilled maintenance partners or liaise with the owners’ maintenance team if applicable. We remain on hand to advise and assist where necessary.