Ogrodowa Galeria, September 2011

English gardens

1 October 2011

Ex-soldier, enthusiastic sportsman, and above all an accomplished landscape and garden designer. Marcus Barnett’s modern style of breathtaking naturalistic arrangements has been appreciated at the Chelsea Flower Show.

After seven years in the military and a career in a corporation Barnett decided to abandon the  stability and joined the London Inchbald School of Design, from which he graduated as a Garden Designer. Shortly after, he founded his own company and reached success and in his new field. The success started with appearance at the famous Chelsea Flower Show. In 2005 Barnett and his colleague Philip Nixon won a gold medal. Barnett has triumphed at the Chelsea Flower Show two times since (2006 Gold and 2007 Silver Gilt). He describes his style as a combination of classic and contemporary. Inspired by modernist architecture and the English garden. He creates space full of clean simple lines and geometric forms, softened by influence of  natural plantings. He often includes  furniture and architectural structures in his projects. Creating a contemporary gardens he blurs the boundaries between interior and exterior space. Working with traditional projects he believes that his gardens should melt into the surrounding landscape.
The British magazine "House & Garden" named him as one of" rising stars of the garden design 2011. "  And certainly, Barnett’s star will shine more than once. Recognised and valued in the UK, he is increasingly attracting attention from outside of Europe. This year, his talent will be on display again at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Privately, Barnett loves to spend time exploring the gardens, both in the UK and abroad. He loves kite-surfing. As befits a true English gentleman he plays cricket and golf, to use his own words, ‘as often as his wife allows him’. 

We presented contemporary gardens of Marcus Barnett in the first edition of Ogrodowa Galeria Design & Shopping. In this issue, we present his traditional gardens, straight from the English countryside.

The garden located in an isolated place with historical buildings required special treatment.
The project was based on naturalistic plant composition and traditional materials in a quiet contemporary way. Existing water ponds were regenerated and expanded. Connecting streams were restored. Designer left open space, so that children of the owner have a space to play.
The designer has decided to preserve the natural bond linking the site with the surrounding landscape treating the garden as a peaceful corner for rest and contemplation and giving it a ton of romance. The grounds and  the river flowing beside the estate were left free of any plantings, so that the landlord was free to indulge his their passion - fishing.