At Marcus Barnett Landscape and Garden Design we follow a unique design philosophy.

11 October 2011

Our passion is to create gardens and landscapes that are seductive and absorbing in their visual beauty, harmonious, ever-changing, and with a slowly unfolding story. We create places to inhabit and to enjoy.

We strive to produce designs for our clients based on a thorough understanding of their needs, lifestyle and taste, discussing how they will use their garden now and in the future. Our belief is that no single design fits all, that designers must be adaptable, and that design style cannot be superimposed: good design coming only from a full and successful dialogue between client, designer and landscape.

We like to create gardens and landscapes that appear restrained and uncluttered but which reward exploration by gradually revealing their layers of complexity. Crisply geometric, and with a deceptive simplicity of design and construction detail, they entice you through a progression of richly planted spaces, each with its own mood and character.