Daily Telegraph, May 2015

English gardens.

15 November 2015

Water was on everyone’s mind as we were buffeted damply from one garden to the next on the wettest Press Day at Chelsea for ages. The plants loved it of course, and the surfaces of the water features were animated with raindrops and small eddies, caused by the gusty winds. There was water everywhere: in burbling rills, cascades and channels, in tunnels and wells, forming curtains, walls and dykes. Some pools were cleve angular constructions, formal patterns of water contrasting with hard landscape and planting, such as Marcus Barnett’s De Stijl-inspired Daily Telegraph garden.

Others were more natural, wilder and set the trend for this year’s show. Monumental in its ambition and success was Dan Pearson’s reconstruction of a small part of the Chatsworth Estate, a preview of his regeneration of the real thing. So subtle and naturalistic was this tourde- force that it looked as though it was part of the landscape. Embedded in theprominent triangle position so it could be viewed from all three sides, and inspired by Joseph Paxton’s dramatic rockery, a filament-thin “Trout Stream” meandered through woodland from its elevated source, surrounded with sweet woodruff, to a still rock pool.