Beautiful Homes, July 2015

English garden.

18 November 2015

It’s important to put generosity of space and a sense of place at the heart of your design. In urban locations, an outdoor area that feels comfortable allows for relaxation and calm.

Consider the use of water. Standing water with a subtle ripple or movement evokesgentleness and softness. It also reflects thelight, helping to make the garden feel bigger. Think about the orientation of your terrace as it can change the overall feel immensely. By altering it, you can turn a generous space into one that feels enclosed or intimate in a sunny spot or a shady area. Equally, the view will differ depending on the orientation of the terrace – would you prefer to look back at the house or outwards to a focal point?

Create a visual link between inside and out. You could think about using similar flooring to that of the interior. This ensures that the eye moves seamlessly between each area.