Green Mission

A pattern of change affecting global or regional climate is underway. MBS, already working with nature as our core mission, strives to mitigate this by not only creating and enhancing the natural environment, but also in how we go about our day-to-day routine.

Biophilic design sits at the heart of our thinking. We set out to ensure that every opportunity that presents itself to us is maximised, resulting in a clear benefit to nature and the environment, just as much as to our end users. Our landscapes sequester carbon from the atmosphere, filter air pollutants, increase biodiversity and assist with water management. This increases our capacity to mitigate against climate change whilst simultaneously creating restorative places to improve wellbeing and disconnect from our increasingly hectic lives.

We constantly review our own studio carbon footprint and those of our sites too by researching innovative construction methods and responsibly sourcing our products. Each project, therefore, should utilise improved processes learned from the last.

Though, like many of us, we are not yet perfect, by taking our responsibilities to one another and this planet seriously, we believe we can make a difference.